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Dentures Cost: Evaluating the Care and Price of Dentures

With a variety of options at your disposal for the replacement of missing teeth, a determining factor may be cost. The price of dentures may be significantly less than the price of implants, or the price of a dental bridge, especially if you are edentulous. Are dentures the right option for you?

Based on national averages, the cost of dentures can range from as little as $400 up to $8,000. Complete dentures typically will cost less than partial dentures, though depending on the materials used, partial dentures may cost as much if not more than complete dentures.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Dentures

The cost of dentures fluctuates based on a variety of factors unique to each patient. In addition to the complexity of your denture treatment, some of the most obvious factors affecting denture price include:

  • Oral health: If you have hygiene problems like decay or gum disease, you will need to undergo corrective treatment before denture care can be administered.
  • Dentist/practice location: Dentistry costs fluctuate significantly from one location to the next. Although there is a range of pricing, the cost for dentures in Los Angeles are likely to differ from the cost of dentures in Birmingham.
  • Insurance coverage: A comprehensive dental insurance plan could save you a significant amount of money on dentures.
  • Denture materials: Highly cross-linked polymer costs more than conventional plastic denture materials, and the inclusion of various metals used in removable partial dentures also can impact the price.
  • Oral Surgery: In order to prep you for denture treatment, additional procedures may be required, which may include tooth extraction or refinement of bony ridges.
  • Specialists: If a prosthodontist is involved in your treatment process, the cost of dentures will likely go up.
  • Denture warranty: Your denture warranty may range from a couple years up to a decade or more. A longer warranty will yield a higher cost.

Financing the Cost of Denture Treatment

Although dentures cost typically is less than the cost of dental implants or the cost of dental bridges, it can nonetheless be a significant amount of money you may not be able to afford. Even if you have dental insurance, you may find that coverage is limited to a mere portion of the costs. So what can you do if you simply can't afford dentures?

Third-party dental financing is available to help you get access to treatment(s) you currently are unable to afford. The total cost of dentures can be broken down into a monthly payment schedule that best fits your budget. In addition to the various third-party financing companies offering service, your dentist also may offer financing plans through the practice.

During your denture consultation and the discussion of how much denture treatments costs, you should speak with your dentist about your options to determine the best solution for your unique situation.

(Updated on 11/02/12)
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